Friday, September 28, 2007

What is the root of Ron Paul hate? (part 2)

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OK, I have tried to investigate this before, but I still have no answers. So I will try it again.

Let's start with what I am seeing issue-wise; we will look at his presidential campaign later.
Ron Paul believes in the following things:

Personal Beliefs
Abortion is morally wrong.
Christianity is his religion.
He is personally frugal.
He is a doctor and believes that life is precious.
Americans have a right to keep what they earn.

Political Beliefs
Government should serve the people.
Americans should not be afraid of the government.
Americans should take care of their own first.
Government should be efficient and minimally invasive.
Control of communities should be local.
Business can be self-regulating and consumers have power.

I am sure there are other points of view and ways to word his beliefs, but I think these are the ones that are pertinent to the discussion. At least these are the ones I see that seem to be most disputed on blogs, social networks, etc. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but they align with my beliefs enough for me to think he is the best candidate for the job.

The 2008 presidential campaign throws more wrenches in the works. The grassroots movement around the Paul campaign has inspired his followers to expand the it into all available mediums. From skywriting to simple signs, but mostly on the Internet.

I think the "saturation" of the 'Net by Ron's supporters has just fanned the flames of "Paul hate". Ron has many opponents who do not believe that a free market is safe for consumers, that people do need the Federal government to help them in their lives, that wealth should be re-distributed in some ways, etc. Many have found reasons to attack him, even before the presidential campaign.

So that leads me to wonder if his sudden popularity AND the rising tide of Internet interest is causing the issue. I know there are some on networking sites who spend much of their time attempting to make Paul posts popular, but there seems to be an effort to also do the opposite. My question, beyond the root of the hate, also attempts to expose the positions of the "haters". Do they have a position? Are their actions purely anti-Paul? Or is there a real end to their means (other than defeating Ron Paul)?

To the "haters": If you don't want Paul, is there something else you do want? If so, I do not see it being voiced on the Internet. In the event that you are endorsing some other candidate, why not just do that? Why is it necessary to attempt to discredit Ron Paul and his followers?

Leave some answers here in the comments. Obviously, I am a Paul supporter, but I am still interested in some answers. They won't change my mind, but they may give me some insight into the voter pool and what drives them.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why the labor unions should support Ron Paul.

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The labor unions were created to protect workers from their corporate bosses; ensuring fair wages and working conditions. The Federal government was not nearly as large as it is now and it was not designed to protect workers. So the workers banded together and decided to protect themselves. Just as it should be and coincidentally, just as Dr. Paul suggests America should work.

The Federal government created their own mandate to provide global protection for workers by creating the minimum wage and rules for working conditions, etc. Which caused more Federal control where it may not have been necessary; since the workers had begun to protect themselves.

Now it is 2008. The unions have become less powerful, less necessary (due to Federal involvement) and everyone has become more dependent on the government to protect them in their jobs. Workers are learning that they don't have to be responsible for themselves since the government will "protect" them from their employers.

This is perpetuating a loss of personal responsibility in general. Any country that relies on their government as much as we do can only learn that lesson.

So, to the point of this post. Ron Paul wants to put an end to government "babysitting". He wants to empower people again and let them have the power back that belonged to them in the first place. We let them take it away; now it is our turn to take it back.

Ron Paul's ideas would give power back to the unions; back to our communities and back to individuals. The unions should WANT him to be elected. He will make them more necessary and that necessity would force them to become transparent to their members.

A Paul presidency allows the people decide what is right; lets community groups guide their own fate. Local governments can work WITH their citizens and constituents without interference and tyranny from the Feds. The unions would become and integral part of that group and could speak for the working class and regular people.

So all you voters in those unions, speak your mind to your leaders. Tell them you want to be free to decide your own fate. Corporations should not rule you. You have MORE power when there is less government!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I wil try another discussion forum; I love the stuff!

These forums can be so entertaining and you can learn a lot form them.

I will try another without the Ron Paul stigma that seems to scare everyone at Digg away.
No one was signed up for my other board and complained that the name meant they would have non-Paul posts deleted.

I am not interested in that. Yes, I am a Ron Paul backer, but I want real discussion here. I enjoy it and sometimes it is fascinating. Often entertaining, and quite funny.

So go check out the NEW non-biased, totally open 2008 Presidential Campaign forum

Sign up and let the fightin' begin!

(I won't even put my Ron Paul animated Gif on this post for you Paul haters on Digg. Try it, and have fun! I promise; no funny stuff from me.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yet another attempt by Giuliani to exploit an American Tragedy.

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Although Rudy denies knowledge or endorsement of his latest fund raising drive, I seriously doubt his disapproval and have seen no statement from the campaign stating so. A group of his supporters are asking people to donate $9.11 to his campaign presumably by the end of this quarter. What a shameless scam!

If Rudy thinks this is tasteless, come out and say so. Donate the money to a charity. Prove it to us; stand up and be a man!

Giuliani has been riding the 9/11 tragedy ever since the campaign began. He is brazenly using his "heroism" after the attacks to pump up his campaign. Don't be fooled by this nonsense; he is another rich corporate puppet inexorably tied to the neo-con agenda.

The NYFD, NYPD and MANY others who actually know what was going on during and after the tragedy have continuously rebuked his claims of "heroism". They know the truth and they know his negligence contributed to the complacency that allowed these terrible events to happen. He hung them out to dry and left the mess that became the pit after the towers fell for them to deal with themselves!

Rudy, show people some respect. We are not fooled by your bravado and we know you just want more of the same. The people are ready to take back their country and Giulian is not the man for THAT job. (You know who is....)

Forget Rudy's $9.11 donation; do Ron's $17.76 for freedom!

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I'm looking at the upcoming 2008 Election posts on Digg and Jeff Ready has a great idea! Here is his link:

This idea is brought to us by the free bumper sticker guy! He is a doing a great service to the campaign with that idea and he came up with another one!

Jeff, I gotta hand it to you; that was a great one!

So let's put Ron over a million this week! Donate $17.76 (0r $17.89!) if you can!

And I have created a pledge on pledgebank:

Sign up there and let's get Dr. Paul over the top for the quarter. His gains for the quarter will put him beyond McCain by far and past Romney's money on hand. That makes him in the top 3 earners for the entire campaign!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Breaking news: Ron Paul takes a dump!!

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I was following a comment on Digg about Dr. Paul and an interesting follow up was posted by Giuliani08:
"... I fully expect to see a "Ron Paul takes a dump" spam submission to digg soon."

So I couldn't resist! Here it is:

Extra!! Extra!! Breaking news from AP...

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul officially took a dump today around 4:30 pm. According to the campaign media relations representative Guy Smiley, " Uh, yeah. He usually does it at least once a day. It depends on how much fiber he gets at breakfast. Oh and where we had dinner the night before. For a full schedule, you will have to submit a FOI application to the FEC. We do not release that level of detail to just ANYONE!"

So far, the FOI request is pending along with the Clinton white house years docs but apparently it has moved up in the queue so there is a possibility of an update BEFORE Dr. Paul becomes president nominee the end of the quarter...

Dr. Paul is an admitted fanatical runner, closet chocolate chip cookie addict, general health nut and a real DOCTOR to boot. So imagine how well tuned his lower digestive tract is, if you get my drift. When he moves, it is an experience!

Stay tuned for further details or subscribe to the RSS feed for continuous updates in your browser!

New 2008 Presidential Campaign Forum

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I have created a new forum for discussion of the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Everyone can participate and go back and forth on issues, candidates or whatever you want; as long as it pertains to the election.

It will work especially well when comments turn into a debate on the social networking sites. So go on over and sign up:

2008 Presidential Campaign Discussion

Steal these images and spread them around the web...

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