Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dr. Paul on the IRS and Government spending

Just some quick videos to follow the previous story from Dr. Paul:

Income Tax and Spending for 2007

These are numbers reported from Wikipedia and they look to be close to what I can find.
It is virtually impossible to get any sensible numbers from any government documents.

US Federal Budget 2007 from Wikipedia

Total Receipts

Estimated receipts for fiscal year 2007 are $2.4 trillion. Percentages in parentheses indicate percentage change compared to 2006. This expected income is broken down by the following sources:

1.1 Trillion from Income Tax!!! From us; individual income tax!!!

OK, now the spending side of it:
  • $699 billion (+4.0%) - Defense

  • $586.1 billion (+7.0%) - Social Security

  • $394.5 billion (+12.4%) - Medicare

  • $367.0 billion (+2.0%) - Unemployment and welfare

  • $276.4 billion (+2.9%) - Medicaid and other health related

  • $243.7 billion (+13.4%) - Interest on debt

  • $89.9 billion (+1.3%) - Education and training

  • $76.9 billion (+8.1%) - Transportation

  • $72.6 billion (+5.8%) - Veterans' benefits

  • $43.5 billion (+9.2%) - Administration of justice

  • $33.1 billion (+5.7%) - Natural resources and environment

  • $32.5 billion (+15.4%) - Foreign affairs

  • $27.0 billion (+3.7%) - Agriculture

  • $26.8 billion (+28.7%) - Community and regional development

  • $25.0 billion (+4.0%) - Science and technology

  • $20.1 billion (+11.4%) - General government

  • $1.1 billion (+47.6%) - Energy

So, what does DR. Paul say about the need for the IRS? Eliminate the income tax altogether..
Replace it with nothing!! Nothing!! We don't need it...

Remove spending for:
  • Iraq $481 billion (estimated) (per note in Wikipedia; portion of defense spending)
  • Ending the Federal Reserve allows for eventual removal of a large portion of our debt. Say $150 billion this year.
So there is a break on income tax of $631 billion dollars!! More than half!!

Reduction in the size of the Federal government can cut waste, eliminate entitlement programs and reduce administration costs. Look at the list; what is general government and why are spending $20 billion dollars on it? Is that what America is about?

So Dr. Paul is right! We don't need to replace the Income Tax. Adhering to a sensible spending policy, minding our own business and reducing the Federal government to its proper role (defense, security and infrastructure) allows the STATES to provide for themselves. That is what the Founding Fathers intended; that is freedom......

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Did Jesus hate the Federal Reserve?

I know this is not an original concept. I believe DR. Paul actually referred
to it once or twice but I can't find the clips..

Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone (but it will) and I did not intend to
do so with it. Dr. Paul is a Christian man, but I think he would understand
the message without being offended...

Any way, here is my Gimped version of Jesus at the temple with the money changers:

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Even the Romney faithful support Paul

Incredible! A facebook group of Latter Day Saints for Ron Paul!
And an LDS blog for Dr. No!!
What's next?? Neo-cons for Ron Paul!!??
Does everyone love freedom or what??!!

Federal Reserve rip off

How does the Fed help Americans?
It doesn't and just serves big government and corporations as well as the rich.
Have a look:

Friday, August 24, 2007

First post to start a Paul Presidency!

This is my first post to begin sending Dr. Paul on the way to the White House.
I know I can't do it alone and I encourage everyone to use FaceBook, Meetup and Digg
to help promote him all the way. These are great tools to meet others interested in the
same things as you, namely freedom and a responsible Federal government.

Here is also a list of contact for the major media outlets. We all know Dr. Paul does not
get the coverage he deserves so let's do something about it!! You need to get to them?
Here is what you need to get there:
Media contact list

OK, one more great video (I know its old news but still great!) from youtube's aravoth:

Steal these images and spread them around the web...

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