Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cry for information consolidation.

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OK, I know I went through this before and I still feel the same way. Ron Paul saturation is beginning to hurt his campaign, but there is a new twist that I really did not speak to as much in my previous post.

Information saturation may be turning some off to Ron, but it is also eventually finding others that it needs to and having an effect, but there seems to be another problem. I have spoken to this in other posts and in many blog comments. I have also been seeing it from other RP supporters.

Duplication of the same story, especially on networking sites, is keeping the message down. Creating a blog post with a different URL with similar, almost duplicate content on these sites causes supporters to spread their power. Thus diluting the message and the support for it. Linking from your blog to another directly, that is already posted on the networking site, should absolutely not be done and seems to be nothing more than trafficking for blog hits.

The Ron Paul $1 Million mark is a prime example (on Digg anyway). That news was posted at least 20 times (can't get a good count since Digg's search engine sucks). The Diggs were spread an prevented a HUGE article for the front page; it would have hit in 15 minutes if there had only been one of them...

Let's make an effort to help the message percolate to the top, if you will. When you find something good, search on the networking site before you post it. If you find an identical article, Digg it or upmodded it, whatever. Don't post another; that causes dilution of the support! We can use the Internet even more efficiently than ever if we just take that little bit of time to check first.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from posting. I think it is great and a new movement is afoot; incredible things ARE happening!

Steal these images and spread them around the web...

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