Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Does Ron Paul "saturation" on the Internet hurt his campaign?

I have been following this phenomenon for about 3 months now.
And I have become a real believer in Dr. Paul. I think his ideas and honesty
resonate with the American public and are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise
stale Washington climate.

But I have begun to wonder if his Internet presence has not become a hindrance
to the overall campaign. Others are trying to catch up; Barak Obama is beginning
to catch up quite a bit and there have been some recent incidences on some of the social
networking sites that show others are trying to emulate the success Dr. Paul has seen.

Rudybots on Digg

Back to the point; there has been outrage (not too strong a word in my opinion) on
some social networking sites such as Digg and Reddit over the number of posts pertaining to Ron Paul.
There is even a group of "friends" on Digg that has specifically organized to bury Ron Paul posts...
I blogged this before and had some interesting discussion both on my blog and on Digg about the issue.

Digg Paul Haters

So do I think we have reached or breached the tipping point for the medium? Sometimes I do so let me
explain further.

Ron Paul dominates Youtube, Technorati searches, Digg (for posts anyway), and other sites like this.
I think this is good to a point, but I am afraid the message is beginning to choke some of the potential
recipients. There are examples of more than 10 posts (probably more than that some days) in a single
day from a single blog on Digg (no names here). Many times I am seeing links to the same story
CONTENT but not the same URL about Ron Paul; granted, this happens with other stories, too.

Is there a solution? Is there really a problem? Personally, I think it IS becoming a problem.
Since the Ron Paul campaign has no control over this effort due to its grassroots origin, they
cannot do anything about it directly. They COULD ask the supporters to "back off" if they feel it
is becoming too much, but that is about all they could do.

I think the "Paulers" as a group should start being a little more selective about what they publish
on their blogs, what they post to networking sites and be conscious of the duplication of CONTENT
that is showing up on the Internet. Be creative, but be original and research the links you are
posting around the 'Net. I know there have been some outrageous things happening to the campaign
regarding the MSM and the GOP. By all means, get that info out!!

There are few supporters who want to spread the word more than I do, but I don't think a continuous
bombardment of content (mostly rehashed) is being effective. Fresh ideas and unique ways to
promote the cause will work much better... Remember the Chinese water torture? Who isn't
get tired of the Nutrisystem ads? Or local injury claim lawyers? To the point of turning off
your TV?? Sometimes I capitulate and just ask "If I buy it will you take the damn commercials
off the TV!!!" I don't think that will work for Dr. Paul's campaign; we need to spread the word
creatively. Share your enthusiasm for Freedom and Liberty!!

P.S. I am sure this is going to get flamed as an anti-Paul, "keeping us down" post as my other
attempts at reality have in the past. I assure you it is not that; I believe in the cause
and want to do all I can to make it successful. Even if that means a little constructive
criticism at times; even if it is aimed at me....

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disinter said...

Yea, cuz he is like getting WAY too much exposre....

What are you, a shill?

Dave4RPaul said...

A shill for whom?

He needs MSM exposure.. I guess causing and INternet sensation is a way to get it???

Tex Macrae said...

It's fine to analyze the possibility of RP getting too much activity on the web but there's not much point to it. People are acting individually in what they perceive as their best interest, which is part of what makes watching and participating in the Paul campaign so fascinating. As long as enough people feel that RP needs more support and exposure, the tsunami of RP promotion will continue.

Anonymous said...

People must do boots on the ground outreach if they are to get anywhere.

Dave4RPaul said...

I agree with anonymous... It is feet on the ground or no RP presidency...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you; so I curtailed my own digg activites.

No further action should be required than each police himself according to his own opinion.

Dave4RPaul said...

It is good to police yourself on Digg, but don't forget to get out on the ground, too!

4Freedom said...

I agree Dave. Even I, as a supporter, am getting a bit overwhelmed with so much repeat. I do understand it though, as someone may read in one place and not another. It's kind of a "dam*** if you do and if you don't" situation.

Anonymous said...

Step out of your shoes and consider how much the average person actually serfs the internet. They have their own favorite places to hang out and IMHO the more Ron Paul info on the internet, the better. We may feel that the deluge is harmful, but then again, these are the circles which we find ourselves in. The majority of people will just stumble upon Ron Paul.


Anonymous said...

Lots of Ron Paul is only irritating to those who prefer lots of someone else.

Anonymous said...

I plan to keep bringing up freedom issues and mentioning Ron Paul. However, I promise to be nice. I hope that helps.

Soon coming is the movie "Dreamcity" in which the people live in a world in which the Internet was taken away and then they saw how important it was in protecting their freedoms (and for prosperity). The alternate title is "Nightmare City 2035" (see imdb).

The Internet is important.

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