Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yet another attempt by Giuliani to exploit an American Tragedy.

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Although Rudy denies knowledge or endorsement of his latest fund raising drive, I seriously doubt his disapproval and have seen no statement from the campaign stating so. A group of his supporters are asking people to donate $9.11 to his campaign presumably by the end of this quarter. What a shameless scam!

If Rudy thinks this is tasteless, come out and say so. Donate the money to a charity. Prove it to us; stand up and be a man!

Giuliani has been riding the 9/11 tragedy ever since the campaign began. He is brazenly using his "heroism" after the attacks to pump up his campaign. Don't be fooled by this nonsense; he is another rich corporate puppet inexorably tied to the neo-con agenda.

The NYFD, NYPD and MANY others who actually know what was going on during and after the tragedy have continuously rebuked his claims of "heroism". They know the truth and they know his negligence contributed to the complacency that allowed these terrible events to happen. He hung them out to dry and left the mess that became the pit after the towers fell for them to deal with themselves!

Rudy, show people some respect. We are not fooled by your bravado and we know you just want more of the same. The people are ready to take back their country and Giulian is not the man for THAT job. (You know who is....)

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