Sunday, September 23, 2007

Breaking news: Ron Paul takes a dump!!

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I was following a comment on Digg about Dr. Paul and an interesting follow up was posted by Giuliani08:
"... I fully expect to see a "Ron Paul takes a dump" spam submission to digg soon."

So I couldn't resist! Here it is:

Extra!! Extra!! Breaking news from AP...

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul officially took a dump today around 4:30 pm. According to the campaign media relations representative Guy Smiley, " Uh, yeah. He usually does it at least once a day. It depends on how much fiber he gets at breakfast. Oh and where we had dinner the night before. For a full schedule, you will have to submit a FOI application to the FEC. We do not release that level of detail to just ANYONE!"

So far, the FOI request is pending along with the Clinton white house years docs but apparently it has moved up in the queue so there is a possibility of an update BEFORE Dr. Paul becomes president nominee the end of the quarter...

Dr. Paul is an admitted fanatical runner, closet chocolate chip cookie addict, general health nut and a real DOCTOR to boot. So imagine how well tuned his lower digestive tract is, if you get my drift. When he moves, it is an experience!

Stay tuned for further details or subscribe to the RSS feed for continuous updates in your browser!

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