Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why the labor unions should support Ron Paul.

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The labor unions were created to protect workers from their corporate bosses; ensuring fair wages and working conditions. The Federal government was not nearly as large as it is now and it was not designed to protect workers. So the workers banded together and decided to protect themselves. Just as it should be and coincidentally, just as Dr. Paul suggests America should work.

The Federal government created their own mandate to provide global protection for workers by creating the minimum wage and rules for working conditions, etc. Which caused more Federal control where it may not have been necessary; since the workers had begun to protect themselves.

Now it is 2008. The unions have become less powerful, less necessary (due to Federal involvement) and everyone has become more dependent on the government to protect them in their jobs. Workers are learning that they don't have to be responsible for themselves since the government will "protect" them from their employers.

This is perpetuating a loss of personal responsibility in general. Any country that relies on their government as much as we do can only learn that lesson.

So, to the point of this post. Ron Paul wants to put an end to government "babysitting". He wants to empower people again and let them have the power back that belonged to them in the first place. We let them take it away; now it is our turn to take it back.

Ron Paul's ideas would give power back to the unions; back to our communities and back to individuals. The unions should WANT him to be elected. He will make them more necessary and that necessity would force them to become transparent to their members.

A Paul presidency allows the people decide what is right; lets community groups guide their own fate. Local governments can work WITH their citizens and constituents without interference and tyranny from the Feds. The unions would become and integral part of that group and could speak for the working class and regular people.

So all you voters in those unions, speak your mind to your leaders. Tell them you want to be free to decide your own fate. Corporations should not rule you. You have MORE power when there is less government!

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Anonymous said...

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