Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Interesting presidential campaign donations for "top tier" candidates.

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I was reading Radar magazine this week ( I think it comes with my Wired mag) and noticed an interesting little piece. About half a page on a Presidential campaign donation experiment.

Granted the amounts are small and I am not suggesting any association between the candidates and these donators, but it is kind of funny.

The magazine made $5 donation to the Clinton, Romney, Giuliani and Obama campaigns via the websites using the customized gift card method. The donators were: John Mark Karr, the Jon Benet Ramsey obsessive, Joe Power, president of the California chapter of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and Sam G. Dickson, lawyer for a white sepratist group Council of Conservative Citizens. All donations were accepted without question and thank you e-mails and messages were sent to the names above.

Granted, it was strange and kind of middle-schoolish. Some of the comments on the site suggested that it was illegal (and probably is) to impersonate these people. Most discount the value of the experiment and assume it was just a joke. I agree for the most part, but the gift card site DID reject Osama Bin Laden as a donor.

I guess it is more a testament to what political campaigns have become. A quest for money in hopes of spending your way into office. Little of substance seems to matter any more as long as you can get you "good" name in front of more people than your "bad" name. And of drag all of the other candidates to a lower level of you. Basically, I AM the lesser of the evils.

Of course, I am a Ron Paul supporter and I am pretty sure the same thing would happen at his site. I doubt that any candidate scrutinizes their donor list to this extent. Although Hillary implies they are screening donors which found Hsu for them...

I don't feel like Dr. Paul is like the rest. He touts his philosophy but doesn't spend time dragging the others down. Ron is more interested in getting his message of freedom and reclaiming our country out to the people. He doesn't require picking the lesser of any evils.

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