Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ron Paul; the last hope for morality in the GOP?

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Is Ron Paul the last GOP candidate that really shows some responsibility?
With the latest news on Larry.. and Mark Foley, etc. along with Rudy and his
"less than moral majority" ways it is possible that RP is one of the last
high profile "clean" GOPers around. Oh yeah, throw in Mitt's flipping and
flopping AND his ties to Larry Craig and of course the ever present GW monster.
But those heads are falling off... Rummy, gone.. Gonzales, gone..
Krover, gone..
The Dickster is still around to make it all the worse (for now)....

Google any Republican candidate name with "scandal" and see what you come up with;
Ron Paul hits on EXPOSING scandals not participating in them! Try it:
(I don't like to talk bad about these guys, especially McCain because I think John is
a good guy doing what he thinks is best...but the truth is always true.)

Ron Paul scandal
Rudy Giuliani scandal
Mitt Romney scandal
John McCain scandal

After all, when was the last time the Democrats looked like the moral majority!!!

But seriously, Ron Paul has the best Congressional voting record, maybe of
all time. He is not associated to any scandal; I know, many will bring up the
supposed racist issues and reports in his newsletter from the 90's that make some
very questionable remarks about blacks in Washington, D.C. Are they his remarks,
right from his mouth? And really, how much does it matter now? As I have read in many
comments on these articles and blog posts, even from non-Paul fans,"..if
the best you can do for dirt is cherry pick quotes from the 80's, I would say
the guy's in pretty good shape..."

As for anti-semitic remarks, of course he makes statements that sound bad.
But unconstitutional funding of Israel is what the man is talking about! He means
nothing personal to the Jews in any way. He would say the same thing about
such antics in Mexico, Saudi Arabia anywhere. It is what he is and it is what
makes him great!

If you must have a reference, go here: Ron Paul's race problem and read the
comments. Almost all are completely valid and very reasonable.

And if you must talk about him, talk about what he wants to do. Reduce the size
of government and put it back in its cage where it belongs! Increase personal freedom,
make allies across the world by helping when needed, not shoving America down
the world's throat.

These are the important things. He is a man of principle; you can't smear him.
You can criticize him for his thinking and his voting record; but his morals and
courage for this fight are beyond compare. I thought it a bit silly to compare him
to the Founding Fathers early on, but after listening to him and understanding him,
I think it might be right on.

Ron Paul is fighting our next revolution against tyranny from within; against
imperialism; against slavery by our own government! It must stop and it
can stop when a man like this has the power of the people behind him!

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