Monday, September 10, 2007

Some observations about Ron Paul's appearance on O-Riley's show.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI am not a regular viewer of Bill's show and I do not pay much attention to him.
I know he is a loud mouth who likes to talk about nothing of substance in general
and likes to hear himself talk. He adds little of value to the news since most of
his presentation is just his opinions... So I guess that is not really news at all..??
(Not that Fox news really shows anything of great value and nothing that can
be useful..)

But, as I and many others on Digg predicted, it was a shout-fest by Bill and
some interrupted answers to the same question over and over from Ron.
O'Riley never really did give Dr. Paul any kind of chance to answer any of
his questions, except for one point where I think the producers must have
told him that he had to give Ron SOME time... Ron did well considering the
context, of which there was none. Of course O'Riley is just looking for a
sound bite, 10 word answer, which is what he generally provides to his

Personally, I think it was some kind of "freak show". O'Riley brought Ron
on to embarrass him, to show his (Bill's) "intellectual superiority" and astute
analysis of the situation in the Middle East in general. He has no clue!!
He would not allow any discussion about what got us into the whole mess
in the first place! Yes, it is a little irrelevant right now and we have to deal
with the situation as it is, but in order to do so, one must know how we got

Ron's quotes from the debate are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! None of them
want us there (another link to my blog, sorry). We have been there way too
long, way beyond THIS war in Iraq and we are in bed with the rich leaders
in the Arab nations who support terrorism and commit human rights
violations! No wonder they hate us!! Like Ron says, it is the policy that
is wrong! The world is less safe when imperialistic administrations like
we have now think that they can cram their ideals down the throats of
everyone else. It just can't work. Believe it or not GW, EVERYONE
wants to be free; not just Iraqis and Americans...

Should we step in when atrocities are being committed; yes.
Should we as Ron says, "...mind our own business, defend our borders
and defend this country..". Hell, yes! I have no desire to police the
world and the rest of America is getting just as tired of it!

Look at these polls:

Iraq CBS News/New York Times Poll. Sept. 4-8, 2007. N=1,035 adults nationwide
FOX News Poll: Even With Surge Improvements, Most Want U.S. Out Of Iraq (granted from July 2007)

Global Poll: Majority Wants Troops Out of Iraq Within a Year

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Ron Paul schools Bill O'Reilly

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