Monday, September 10, 2007

More ways to get the word out on Ron Paul.

I was watching football yesterday and it came to me.

Why not make a sign and take it to the game? Walk it around both
inside and out. Do you have season tickets ( I can't afford them)?
If so, take a sign to every home game and display it.

Take one to baseball games if you go. Any where you can get exposure
to groups of people. Make one on a bed sheet with some markers
from your kids' drawers. Anything to get more people to hear Ron's

And, do you know a celebrity? No matter how famous, infamous or
little known. Talk to them about Dr. Paul; see what they think and
ask for an endorsement! If you get it I will post it!

Oktoberfests should be cropping up, especially in the Midwest. Get
out and put up some signs. Staple them to telephone poles. Just an
8.5 X 11 sheet of paper with the stock yard sign from the campaign
website will do. I put a bunch of them up around a recent car show in
my neighborhood.

Try to get window or counter space at your local businesses. Get the
word out that way; as people pass buy or shop. Ask the business owners
about Ron Paul; pass out some information and tell them they can be on
our online Honor Roll of Businesses for Ron Paul. I will gladly post their info
on that blog!

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Anonymous said...

I Support Ron Paul

You can vote for Ron Paul in the Free Market Hall of Fame Poll of legislators and government officials at plus sign and comment on the Ron Paul Is Right – Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at
You also might want to read “The Final Presidential Executive Order” a fictional story about a future terrorist attack against the US and learn how the government response elected Ron Paul as President of the United States at

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