Saturday, September 1, 2007

A question for the Ron Paul haters on Digg.

What exactly is the cause of the treatment of the Paul fans there?

Is it the "RP spam" (and what is spam to Digg?)? Is Digging stories spam?
I don't feel like it is..
The most popular seem to be pictures of something?? Posted on the Digg news site! ??
I do know that the dailypaul gets out of control and I agree, it can be a bit much at times...

Any way you can ignore it. Or bury it to try to force it off the popular list..
I assume that is what you do to other non-ron paul posts that you are not interested in...
I tend to ignore the stuff I am not interested in; I thought that was the idea.
And there is A LOT of it recently... But I find what I like and Digg it. I generally
only bury true spam (ads, porn,etc.) and duplicates..

Is it the candidate? Do you really hate (and fear in my opinion) Ron Paul that much?
How? How can it be that you would have such a personal hatred of someone you
most likely have never even met and will never meet?

Why be afraid of Ron Paul?

I don't hate the Clintons, John Kerry, Rudy Giuliani or John Edwards, but I would
NEVER vote for them; kinda like Huckabee, though. But I don't bury their posts on Digg;
and there are many...

Do you feel like the Paulers have invaded your site? I can kinda understand that...
But it is a public site; it is open for everyone to use freely as they wish as long as
they do not abuse it. Maybe you are old time Diggers and feel that way.

I am new to Digg and I think it is great but it does seem tainted sometimes by
stuff like this:

"Just want to remind anyone who may be joining us late that Ron Paul is a racist,
pro-genocide, fundamentalist Christian extremist who supports fringe economic
policies, wants to ban abortion, opposes the Civil Rights Act and wants to eliminate
the income tax, abolish the FDA and replace the military with private mercenaries
operating under letters of marque and reprisal." And this is VERY mild...

Stating opinion as fact; no sources to back up any statements. I asked for them
and got a reply from a different user that I was just a spammer spreading lies....

I guess the point is: state your real gripe, but understand that we all have a right to
use Digg in an appropriate manner... None of these reasons give anyone a right to
abuse anyone else or intentionally manipulate the Digg system. You know there is a buryronpaul
user/group on Digg... I think that violates the terms of use...


Sorry about the links to my blog, but it helps illustrate my point...

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Thane Eichenauer said...

Man, was that an actual quote? They got three Ron Paul positions nearly correct - WOW! Please post a URL so I can post a kudo comment for that guy. I've seen plenty of posts and for them to get one position correct (even if they sneer at it) is a high point for Ron Paul haters everywhere.

Some Ron Paul haters claim that Ron Paul supporters brought it on themselves but I don't buy that - not a bit.

The rest probably are just closet socialists or neoconservatives and, although I wouldn't tell them to their (online) face, the average Ron Paul hater really isn't that smart. They nearly always engage in name-calling and if you point out their ad-hominem and loaded question fallacies it will be pretty clear to the audience who has a weak point and who doesn't.

A few Ron Paul haters probably harbor compulsive fear of religion/Christianity - that I can at least understand. I haven't manage to get out of them what they fear that Christianity is going to do to them but I can understand a concern. How they can reason that they should worry more about Ron Paul than the rest of the 16 Republican and Democrat candidates (as there are no atheists in that group) I can't understand so while I could believe in fear of religion as a reason, I think that is just a reflex action or a cover for any given Ron Paul hater.

Lastly, way to go to try to assume good will. I'd love to find even one person on the other side who honestly and truly believes in some of the diatribe put up on digg and elsewhere about Ron Paul.

I'm not giving even 10 to 1 odds though.

I just wonder how many inaccurate/hate Ron Paul primary posts and articles can be repeated over and over before even the sites who post it for shock and ad traffic value will have to read enough about Ron Paul to decide that there is a principle more important that their ad revenue at risk here (or get bored - one or the other).

Thane Eichenauer said...

It looks like someone has made a fine start on the topic of Ron Paul Haters already (although not specific to And he's got that "Go ahead, make my day." attitude.

Thane Eichenauer said...

Ahh, it was an exact quote!

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