Saturday, September 1, 2007

Reality Check: What would a Ron Paul presidency be like?

OK, some believe, as I do, that Ron Paul can win the presidency. So we must wonder
what America would be like if it happened.

I know even THINKING about a Paul win scares some senseless, but I have already
spoke to that... I still don't know why that is..

Now for a quick review on the US Federal government configuration (I know we all
had this lecture in middle school, but it is needed for this discussion). The Federal
government is supposed to be divided into three branches in order to ensure
checks and balances. That way, no one of them will have more power than any
other, thus allowing the citizens control over their decisions at least in an indirect

So, the Senate and House present bills to be voted into law. If they make it out of
Congress, the President has to sign it to make it law. He/she can veto it, but the
Congress can still pass it with a 2/3 vote. After the law is passed, it is the
responsibility of the Judiciary branch to decide if and how it can be enforced.
They can also determine that it can't be a law at all if it violates the Constitution.

Of course, there are loopholes like executive orders and agencies like the DOJ,
IRS, FBI, etc. that have some autonomous power themselves.

With all of that said, let's look at what Ron Paul actually COULD do if he were
elected President. By this I mean what could he do IMMEDIATELY that would
align with his aspirations as outlined in his campaign strategy.

  • Shut down the IRS? (not without help from Congress)
  • Shut down the Federal Reserve? (again not without help from Congress?) **
  • Bring the troops home from Iraq RIGHT NOW. (Not without world and US outcry; very unlikely)
    • Although quick deescalation is a real possibility.
  • Withdraw the US from world organizations; UN, etc. (Not without world and US outcry; very unlikely)
    • May be impossible without congressional help.
  • Immediate deportation of illegal immigrants and wall building
    • Yet again, not without congressional help.
  • Shut down the big entitlement programs. (again not without help from Congress?)
Need I go on.. Isn't it obvious that he can't possibly enact everything he believes in in one
presidential term? Could anyone clean up the mess our country is headed for in a lifetime of terms?

So what COULD he do?

He can be what he has always been: Dr. No! No new entitlement spending. No new
corporate tax breaks. No unbalanced budget! How about that one!! New Supreme
Court judges that actually support the Constitution. Drastic troop reduction in Iraq.
Immigration reform momentum. End to the Patriot Act.

I think all of that is possible and it is worth fighting for.. And who knows, maybe Congress
will get the message and we can get some of the other stuff done. Reign in the IRS, fix
our horrible money system and maybe wake the world up to the mess they are heading for
with credit. Reign in spending; work for accountability.

I do know this: few of the career politicians that are in the race today have any interest in
any reform at all. Especially anyone who is considered a front runner.. If we end up with
Hillary versus Rudy, you can expect continued growth of the Federal Government, increased
spending which automatically comes with waste, decreased personal freedom. In other words:
the same old crap we have been complaining about forever....

** It would be possible to reign in the Federal Reserve to some extent:
Executive order 11110 amendment to order 10289 issued by JFK allowed for the US Treasury to
print money that is backed by silver not air like Federal Reserve notes. This could be used to
begin the end of the value of the Fed notes... After all, which would you rather have? Money
that held its value in precious metal or money that held its value in the word of a banker?
Oddly enough, I could not find the text of 11110 in the Federal Register online although there
are many like that.. No conspiracy here; it WAS short in length... But incredibly important...

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Chris said...

Something to consider is that many members of Congress are in fact good, principled people just as is Ron Paul. What those Congresspersons lack, however, is the ability that Ron Paul has to convince his constituents to vote for him even if he denies them various subsidies and gov't handouts. Many in Congress can't vote with Ron on some issues because they would get trounced by their own constituents. After all, Congresspersons can't just do whatever they please, they are representatives of their district. RP doesn't have that problem. It's not necessarily what Ron Paul could or couldn't do as president, but rather how receptive will the country as a whole be to the message of smaller goverment and more personal liberties. So far it's working.

Dave4RPaul said...

I agree Chris. There are good people in Congress and I do believe in America.
Look at the Paul movement alone; it is reaching all walks.

Maybe the people can become the constituents again...??

Are you blogging? It looks like it but I can't get to your profile..

Captain Mike said...

One comment that Ron Paul has made repeatedly is that there are numerous members of Congress who agree with him, but they feel they can't buck the party leadership. Most members "go along to get along." As President Ron Paul would be the titular head of the GOP. Thus, those members who agree with him could, perhaps for the first time, vote their consciences without bucking the party leadership. Ron Paul would BE the party leadership.
Also we need to keep in mind the fact that Ron Paul is a great teacher. He would not be an authoritarian type leader, he would build consensus by teaching the American people and Congress the wisdom of his vision. He would also surround himself with experts in the Austrian school who would also be teaching the people.
I think a Ron Paul Presidency will make a surprising amount of progress.

Chris said...


Yeah, I blog.

I've been at this for awhile. I don't allow comments anymore and pretty much just say what I want, re-invent the blog whenever I please. It's freedom baby! I was making 10 or so posts a day at the beginning, just to help get the ball rollin'. My activity is more towards the streets now. If you are in Iowa and see random Ron Paul signs sprout up for an hour or two in busy rush-hour areas, only to disappear when things calm down... Hey, signs aren't cheap and I don't trust supporters for other campaigns, or the police, to leave them intact.

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