Sunday, September 16, 2007

John Kerry agrees with Ron Paul on Iraq!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt may seem incredible, but he does!
Let's look at the transcript from Meet The Press, September 16, 2007:

MR. RUSSERT: "Let me start with you, Senator McCain. What should be the U.S. strategy in Iraq for the next year?"

(After McCain's neo-con regurgitation, which I will not detail here; follow the link.
Basically, stay the course, spend the $300 million a day or chaos and genocide....)

(But here is Kerry's answer; sound familiar?)

MR. RUSSERT: "Senator Kerry, your response."

SEN. JOHN KERRY (D-MA): "Well, the Bush-McCain strategy of escalating our
troops in the middle of a civil war has no relationship directly to
what you need to do to resolve the civil war. So you can put
additional troops in and secure a small area here or there, but
everybody knows there are not enough troops to be able to secure all of
the areas you need to secure and, most importantly, it does absolutely
nothing to resolve the fundamental differences, Tim.
A policy of putting more troops in and staying is a policy for staying.
It is not a policy for winning or for changing the equation......

Second major point, this is making us weaker in the war on terror.
It is emboldening Iran, empowering Iran, empowering Hamas, empowering
The United States has lost leverage in the region. We need
a better policy, and there is a better one."

(Remember, Ron says it is the policy that is failed and they attack us because we are
there when we have no right to be. Kerry goes on:)

(Sorry no context, but it is not really relevant; the quotes stand alone.
Ever heard this before?)

SEN. JOHN KERRY (D-MA):"...The fact is Iran loves our being bogged down in Iraq.
Al-Qaeda loves our being bogged down in Iraq. We are, as our own National
Intelligence Estimate said, attracting more terrorists because we are
in Iraq. We need to get out of Iraq in order to be stronger to deal
with Iran, in order to deal with Hezbollah and Hamas, to regain our
credibility in the region...."

(To Kerry's credit and I don't care at all for him, this is great!)

"...How many times do we have to hear President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Condi Rice,
General Casey, General Abizaid, General Petraeus,
all say there is no military solution?
Well, if there is no military solution, where is the political solution?

(Remember Ron saying:
"What do we have to pay to save face?
That's all we're doing is saving face!!" at the debate?)

(Speaking about Osama Bin Laden:)

"Yeah, and he’s able to do it because this administration took their eye off of him and
chose to go to war in a place that had nothing to do with the war on terror.
And the fact is, as I said before, al-Qaeda loves our being in Iraq. If you want to put
al-Qaeda off balance then change the equation. And Iran loves the fact that we’re in Iraq..."

All of this is exactly what Ron Paul was saying during the September debate. And what does
he get for it? Accusations of treason and unpatriotic activity! Ridiculous!

Any Democrat who is truly interested in getting out of Iraq ASAP and who would like to
restore the power to the American people (I know, fat chance on those two things together)
should obviously look to Ron. He is trying to do exactly what they want. Get out of Iraq,
engage Iran diplomatically and let the rest of the region figure it out for themselves.

Anyone who wants less government, sound fiscal, foreign and domestic policy and an
exit from Iraq and the middle east must consider Ron Paul.

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