Friday, September 7, 2007

I am now convinced...

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I'll admit; when I first found out Ron Paul was running for the Republican
nomination, I thought little of it.
I did some research, found a lot to like about him and began backing his
campaign. Did I think it could
really happen? No way! I believed George Stephanopoulos when he said Dr.
Paul had no chance.
I thought he had a sure bet when he said he would wager everything he had
right to Ron's face that he could never win the nomination.

I plowed ahead any way. I wanted to at least be a part of what I saw as a strange phenomenon that
I had not seen in Americans for at least 10 years. Some of them really seemed to care what was
happening. They were energized and enthusiastic about someone that could save them from
enslavement by the Federal government. I wanted to be in on that! If nothing else, I wanted
all of us to send a message to Washington: Some of us do care what you do and we will no
longer stand aside while you run our lives!

So I started this blog. I began to follow Digg and Reddit and the GOP sites and many others. I
found Lew Rockwell and could not believe what he was saying. I educated myself on the IRS,
Irwin Schiff, the Federal Reserve and many of the other things Dr. Paul feels so strongly about.
I began to feel the same way, but I still thought there was no chance we could pull it off. I hate
the Patriot Act, the IRS, the banking system, the New World Order, all of it! I even created a
slideshow with some pics of the Ron Paul support and posted it on Youtube and Google.....

Then came the September 5, 2007 Republican debate. Fox tried to mess with Ron; he was
having no part of it. They hated what he said, the audience LOVED what he said and Fox
STILL tried to downplay his success. The idiots insisting on "Paulbots" spamming the
text message poll when it was not possible to vote more than once, again! Same as the
last debate...

But my friends, I am becoming convinced that it CAN happen and IS happening right now
in America!! The numbers don't lie to us; the media might but the people are not kidding
themselves any more. They are beginning to speak via text polls, online polls and feet on
the ground at straw polls. The people are on the ground; you can see it. Go to Youtube;
go to Google video; they are recording themselves showing their support. The Memphis
Revolution video is awesome by itself! No other candidate can even come close to having
the support Dr. Paul has from people getting off their butts and spending their time and
their MONEY to do these things!! It is becoming a real revolution in our time but we are
able to do it without firing a shot.... I would wager with George that all of the Republican
candidates COMBINED cannot compare to Ron's support ON THE GROUND!!

So what is the next goal. In my mind it is media coverage. True, any press is good press
and if the talking heads want to complain about the "Paulbots" skewing their polls, that is
fine; at least it gets Ron's name into the mainstream. They are helping us and don't even
know it. But yes, the movement is being suppressed in the mainstream.
The GOP Straw poll even went as far as to ban Ron Paul and threaten to keep the ban
on as long as they continued to receive complaints!! We don't need them and we cannot be
held hostage by their poll. As one Digg poster said (and I wish it was me, but it wasn't
because it is genius)"...Their poll is the ONLY one we can BE SURE was rigged so far..."
and that is true.

Now on to the next goal (after that rant). I feel like our best chance to influence the MSM
at this point is through a mass assault of communications. E-mail, snail mail, phone calls
whatever your preferred method. Any and all work well, but e-mail is the easiest to send
(and easiest to ignore, I guess..) I suggest this: I will create a form letter requesting
a more balanced approach to the Presidential campaign which will benefit all involved.
Republican, Democrat and Independent. We will insist that equal coverage is the
responsibility of the media and that the process and therefore the country benefit
overall. It will not be scathing nor specific to a candidate.

This blog contains media contact information links that are formatted just for e-mail use
and bulk mailing (at least one is). Please review the letter and post comments suggesting
changes, either minor or wholesale; we will come to consensus and move forward with
the communication campaign.

See Ron Paul Business Honor Roll for the letter (since I have received only one response
for it; please send me info about your businesses that back Dr. Paul!!!! dave4Rpaul)
Give me until 9-9 to post the letter.

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